Thursday, 14 April 2011

Five Tips on How to Write a Great Love Letter

Here are some guidelines for writing a love letter:

1. Be complimentary
2. Be Strong - Talk Possibility
3. Count the U's
4. Ask for Nothing
5. Poetry

1. Be complimentary

A love letter is a testimonial that you can see the whole of your loved one, not just the fuzzy surface they may think you see, but the smelly sox, the bald patch and the wart on the end of their nose. A love letter is a chance to mention that you see them... you see them as they present themselves, as they love to see themselves, but equally important as they are.

2. Talk Possibility

Although their skin might make you wild with desire, skin doesn't bind lovers for long. So, if your intent in the love letter is to arouse sexual fires in your lover speak about the present, their eyes, their hair and what you'd love to do with it all... etc.... However, if your love letter is a signal that you love the idea of a future together, talk possibility. A couple who dream together stay together. So, what you'll need to know is "what is their dream".. they may want to travel but their idea might be to do it alone... celebrate that in your love letter. Do not talk about changing their plans, modifying their dreams or improving their lot, simply talk about the beauty of their dreams, the wonder of them, and how great those dreams are. If you try to impact those dreams by improving them or modifying them, you'll blow them away.. literally.


3. Count the U's

When people want to fall asleep they count sheep. You count the Ewes. The number of times you write the word "I" or "ME' versus the number of times you write the word "YOU"... the "I" and "Me" need to outweigh the "YOU" by to 10 to 1. In other words, I feel, I think, I like, I see,... not "You are, You will, You can or YOU might"

4. Be Strong

So common in love letters is the "I can't live without you" theme. Desperation is not attractive. In fact many love letters are acts of desperation trying to seduce or capture someone in order to cause us to feel ok. No, this is going to drive your lover to sex, and run. A strong person has deep affection, is open, honest, exposed, Inspired, vulnerable, Why not, they are strong enough to be emotionally naked. But needy? No No No

My favourite expression around this topic is "I need nothing, Want Nothing and therefore I have everything.

Try to remember that relationships do not cause or solve unhappiness. Get happy, be happy, show you are happy and try to drop any expectations of your letter causing anything except a deep, personal honesty.

Expectations block love and the weaker your expectations the stronger your love. This is at the root of a great love letter. Freedom, happiness, unconditionality. Don't be needy it's simply greedy.

5. Poetry

Poetry is the highest form of writing. When we write poems we shift gears. I write poetry, in fact this whole blog article is a poem. All a poem is, is a song without music. It has a beat, a rhythm, a function, a start, an end and a chorus.

Go back over this article and read it like you were singing it, you;ll be surprised.

If you don't have this skill yet, simply break your writing into short lines, even poems that rhyme are brilliant.

You'll find a deeper, truer more authentic voice if you try poetry instead of long sentences and paragraphs...

   " Enjoy " . . . . . . . .




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