Saturday, 12 March 2011

Do you believe Love at First Sight


You are walking along the corridor, engrossed in your own world. You don't see the girl approaching from the other side. As she passes you, the strap of his backpack gets caught in your file. In an instant, it slips out of your hand and drops to the ground. Papers fly out and scatter all over the floor.

"Whoops! Sorry," the girl says, crouching down to pick up the papers. 

"It's okay," you say with a titter as you crouch down as well, "happens all the time...."

As you pick up the papers, you suddenly lift up your heads and look into each other's faces. Instantly your eyes are locked in a stare. Your heart melts as you stare into his dark eyes, and for a moment or two, everything around you vanishes..........

Finally, after a great deal of effort, you get to your feet. The girl hands you back your file.

"Um, here you go...." she says, a bit timorously, still staring into your eyes.

"Thanks...." you shyly say.

After a moment's hesitation, the girl says: "I'm Jessica."

she extends her hand.

"I'm  Tom," you say as you grasp her soft hand.

In that moment, as you shake hands, the whole world seems to come to a standstill. Dazzled by this dramatic encounter, you are both speechless and just giggle at each other.

"Um.... See you around," you finally say, pulling your hand out of her.

 "Yeah, sure ! ! " she says rather reluctantly.

As you walk away, you turn your head to catch one last glimpse at her-only to find that she is staring back at you too! You quickly look away with a grin across your face, and as you disappear around the corner, you know that you will see Jessica again....

That was a typical example of love-at-first-sight encounters. Now question is: Does it really happen, or is it just merely something which exists in the mind? Isn't it just a short-lived passion?

Peoplee claim that love at first sight definitely happens. They seem to imply that each of us is fated to meet that special someone who has been prepared for us from the time our lives began, and that upon meeting, intense and overriding emotions will take over us, providing irrefutable proof that this is our one and only true love. 

With my little experience of ups and down in love, i can surely say that it’s surely possible. After all we are human and a human is always attracted toward beauty and while interacted with some one fortunately you can fall in love with her. These types of stunts happened at the teenage tenure when you look around yourself and trying to fall in love with an attractive women or a handsome guy in the first glimpse.

While passing through the high school , just like everyone i also encountered many loves “ IN FIRST SIGHT ”.   One day while in the college break, i was standing alone think about something suddenly  a moment came when time stops running , the heart stops beating , the air stops blowing and it seems that this was the moment i was waiting for when i see a girl passing in front of me, holding her books in her hands, her beauty made me speechless at that moment. I couldn’t even try to think of something else other than her. While passing besides me she look at me and the moment she smiled at me i was completely out of my  emotions. 


 Then at the end of the day i started to think about what had happened in the college, was it a dream . . . . . .  but then my heart says “You are in love man”. After that i was just dreaming about her. That was a U-turn in my life.

Then the next day, i saw her again but this time i forced myself to talked to her. Before i do, something i saw, something which i couldn't believe its happening. That girl was coming towards me with a cute gorgeous face. Then she introduced herself. And that was just the Happy Beginning of My Love – In First Sight.     

           Most of the people think differently about it. There are those who claim that love at first sight does not happen. They claim that such encounters are fascination and can never go beyond that.

          Indeed, there are a lot of arguments for either side. But facts are that first-time encounters do lead to love, and eventually marriage....And interestingly, these people seem to know naturally that they are 'right' for each other. These encounters happen frequently enough to bring out curiosity, and the questions: are some people made for each other? How do they get to know, naturally, in that brief moment, that they are right for each other?

          Firstly, let us try to understand the biology and chemistry that lead up to love, whether at first sight or after a long duration.

          Man and woman are made for each other. Whether you believe the Genesis account or not, it is true that man and woman are designed for each other; to compliment each other; to live and work side by side as partners-and a little bit more than that.

           So my point it that some people tend to say that its not love but the fact that the love really exist and When it comes to love at first sight, it's all about looks. After all, it's called love at first sight for a reason. The first thing that is going to get the attention of a potential mate is how you look. This is why you should always try to look your best, even if you are just running to the supermarket

           While it may be called love at first sight, touch can still play a major part in this happening. It doesn't take much, but a light touch can be enough to send a spark through another person. For women, that means a slight touch on his arm or hand. Men you can brush an arm or even brush her hand, say when handing her a drink.

           So my dear friend, the conclusion is that : love at first sight does exist and with time and perseverance, you may turn that first time encounter into a life-long relationship of love and after all .....



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