Saturday, 12 March 2011

Falling in Love

There's something about falling in love that makes it feel like first love. It has the sweetness of flowers and clouds and deep soul connection. It's fresh, because it's new and filled with wonders and wondrous feelings to explore.

Even if you're falling in love for the second, third or even fourth time, it can feel like first love. We all know that's true. That's why flowers as a love token are so universally given.

But what is it about falling in love that makes it so brand new?

Well, there's the "falling" feeling in falling in love. Why? Because that's what it feels like. Like a first love, it feels like we have no choice. Something strikes us and over or down we go.

To follow the "flowers' metaphor, sometimes it's brazen like deep red flowers. At other times it's gentle and strong like tulips. At other times it's unspoiled like spring flowers. And yes, there are times when falling in love --- even when you're sure it feels like first love -- can get you hanging over like flowers not watered.

And then there's the sheer wonder of the other person. Not about this or that. But simply, they exist, and that's breathtaking. It's like seeing someone for the first time --- but not just seeing with your eyes, but with your soul, with some part of you that comes to life because you are falling in love.

The feeling of first love also makes us realize that we too exist. We too are worthy of love and that someone is falling in love with us.

No matter how old, and no matter how jaded, when we are struck with falling in love, sincerely and openly struck, it's always a first love because it takes us into parts of ourselves we've never known before. And we get to first love the one we're falling in love with, and then love ourselves.

To rely on the flowers image one last time, it's like a love field of spring flowers. Perhaps that's why so many men and women choose flowers to express their love.



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