Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kiss. . . . . . On Your First dat :-)

At some point everyone gets nervous about getting the first kiss on a date. It may feel really awkward to make a move on a hot girl you met recently. You probably don't want her to feel disrespected.

It's really important to get this right if you want to see her again. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tip #1

You need to make the date exciting in the first place. The amount of fun she has can directly impact whether or not she will feel like kissing you.

It is best to avoid the boring traditional stuff such as having dinner and then going to the cinema. You don't want her worried about her breath or the heavy feeling in her stomach. This will only turn her off.


Tip #2

Choose places that increase the chances of physical contact. One thing I always recommend is to go to at least on place where you can "compete" a little. This will give you guys a chance to flirt and touch each other as you play a game.

This initial touch is very important because it allows both of you to get rid of inhibition. When the moment for you to kiss her comes, she will already be used to being touched by you. You will feel more confident. In many cases the kiss may even happen before you even realise it.


Tip #3

Relax and don't push for it. It is not always the best idea to ask "Can I kiss you?" The truth of the matter is if she wants to kiss you, she prefers for you not to say it first. That makes it more romantic.

It's much better to hold her by her hands and gently pull her towards you. If she comes close willingly you know she is ready to be kissed. In that case simply go ahead and give her a nice, beautiful kiss she will never forget.

In general, all you need to know is that most girls really like to be kissed it. So she is already going to be looking forward to in anyway.

This means it's mostly a matter of making it convenient to happen. That's another reason why I don't recommend dinner - you may find it very awkward trying to kiss her across the table. Also simply leaving it to the end of the date will cause the kiss to lose its charm.



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