Friday, 25 March 2011

love break up

Have you ever had your love break up? If yes, Then you know how painful it can be. If you took the time out needed after a love breakup and you thought out the past event you probably saw the signs that you missed before. If you have recognized the signs you need to remember those signs, then it will be easier to recognize the signs of an impending love break up faster. Also being capable of identifying these signs will be an excellent aid in getting your love back.

The lack of physical contact is a sure sign of a coming love breakup. Now i'm not just talking about sex. If there is a sudden loss of interest in sex by your partner then this is a good sign that a break up may be coming. Remember though that in the natural flow of a relation that there are times in a relationship that there are times when sex is abundant and then there will be other times when there is a shortage of sex.

If your partner shows other signs of not wanting to touch you like, not holding your hand for seemingly no reason or they stop putting their arm around your shoulder at places like the movies, when they have always done these things in the past now they suddenly stop. Sudden changes in affection like these are signs that a break up may be coming soon.

If the problem seems deeper than just a change in affection, your partner actually seems uncomfortable at your touch and pulls away then it may be time to talk to your partner and find out what is happening. Now you just can't assume that tour partner is having an affair or is thinking about leaving you just because they show some of these signs, There could be other reasons for them not wanting to be touched at the moment.

Your partner might have had something else on their mind and the touch startled them, they might be having some other problems that you aren't aware of and it is occupying their mind. These signs usually mean there is a problem but not always that a love break up is looming.

Don't jump to a bad conclusion, these sudden changes in affection may not have anything to do with your relationship at all. They may not be feeling well for some reason, you just need to watch them for a while to see if this change in affection is just an occasional thing, something that was the result of things happening at that time or if they seem to be ongoing.

If you begin to catch your partner in lies, even small lies that seem harmless, this could be a sign of a problem, also. When small, harmless lies exist larger more damaging lies can grow more easily. Again don't convince yourself to fast, there are other reasons your partner is telling small lies. They may be planning a surprise for you of some kind, it could be a harmless and fun secret like that instead of a love break up.

Watching your partner closely for a while before making a decision is best, It the problem appears to continue, then talk to your partner about the problem. Explain that you have noticed these signs and it was a problem you needed to discuss.

learning these signs might not stop a love break up with your partner but they might help you get your ex back later or even help you prevent a break up with another lover in the future.



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